Extended Day Program

General Information

The Extended Day Program is particularly well-suited to meet the needs of working parents and provides students with a fun and enriching before and after school environment. The Extended Day period goes from 7:00 a.m.to 6:00 p.m., as needed. Because the school day is long and highly structured, we feel students benefit from free-play time which allows them to relax and release energy while affording opportunities to make choices in leisure activities, an increasingly important skill in our highly technological society. The program is planned to meet the needs of our very broad and diverse school population. Extended care is available to all students for an additional charge. This depends on certain factors, so please ask.

Afterschool Workshops

Our afterschool workshops are offered to provide a wide array of activities including Homework Help, Art Party, and Game Club.

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Optional Activity Days

For the convenience of our working parents, the school facility remains open on certain holidays although no classes are held. During these Optional Activity Days, students enjoy a variety of supervised play, games, planned activities, and field trips.